Some Steps That Will Help You Get Rid Of Those Negative Items On Your Credit Report

How do you get rid of those negative items on your credit report that are holding back your ability to qualify for the loans or lines of credit you need? You could go to the bank and see what they have in terms of secured credit cards, but then you may find yourself in debt and still unable to get access to the capital you need. A better solution would be to look into some credit restoration services that will have you back on top in no time at all!

1: Understand Why You Need to Fix Your Report

Unfortunately, it can be tempting to just give up when you see negative items on your credit report. But know that there is no single cure all to fix your report. Instead, use services like Credit Restoration Services Company as a way to help repair damage caused by identity theft or other events that have negatively impacted your credit score. Using professional credit restoration services will help rebuild your credit score and get you back in good standing with lenders and other creditors who may have blacklisted you in response to an identity theft event.

2: How to Check Your Credit Report

Everyone has a credit report and it contains all of your borrowing information, such as loans and credit cards, that you’ve used over time. The fore see able resource group provides a comprehensive guide to checking your report here. Note that although a particular creditor may not be listed on your credit report today, they could end up on it in the future if you have further dealings with them.

3: Ways to Dispute an Error On Your Credit Report

The first step to removing incorrect information on your credit report is disputing it. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires creditors, collectors, and reporting agencies to investigate any disputes you make in writing. If they find that a mistake was made, they must correct or delete it within 30 days. If they don’t do that, they’re breaking federal law and could be sued by you in court. Find out more about how to remove negative items from your credit reports below 8 Steps To Remove A Bad Debt From Your Credit Report:

4: Gather A List of Negative Items on Your Credit Report

No one looks forward to cleaning up a bad credit report. but, it will make a big difference in your financial future. Start by getting a copy of your credit report. If you’re not sure how to get your credit reports and scores, check out How to Order Your Credit Reports and Scores. It explains what you need to do, step by step. Once you have your credit reports, look for negative items that are listed on them. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that creditors must remove negative information from your credit report.
1) The creditor does not verify that information with you;
2) The item is unverifiable;
3) You dispute an item with a statement from you or documentation supporting your position. If any of these situations apply to an item on your credit report, ask for it to be removed immediately so that it doesn’t affect your ability to get approved for loans and other services in the future.

5: Reach Out to The Creditors

When negative items are on your report, you should contact creditors directly and ask them to correct any mistakes. Creditors often are willing to work with consumers in good standing. If they aren’t willing to remove negative information, make sure it is reported correctly (for example, make sure an account listed as 30 days past due is labelled as 60 days past due). Contacting creditors can be a tedious process, but patience and persistence can help improve your credit. Just keep in mind that contacting creditors may get you nowhere sometimes there’s just nothing anyone can do about an error on your credit report. In that case, move on!

6: Know What You Can Do If the Creditor Doesn’t Remove An Item From Your Report

If you’ve sent a dispute letter to a creditor, it’s time for another letter. If you have followed all three of these steps and it’s been over 30 days since your initial dispute, you may want to send another letter. In that letter, politely that the credit reporting company either update its report or remove the item from your report altogether. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that if an account is being reported in error, it must be removed from your credit report upon request so don’t be afraid to take action.

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